What Can an Audiovisual Company Do for My Facility?

university lecture hall with audiovisual installation components like speakers, acoustical treatment, and a screen

Explore Ways Thompson Engineering Can Transform Your Daily Operations

Our team transforms businesses in healthcare, education, and other valuable industries so that patients, students, staff, and other stakeholders have the best experiences possible. To streamline your company’s offerings and improve the user experience once they enter your California facility, consider contacting one of the leading audiovisual companies that serve Riverside County – the expert team at Thompson Engineering. 

Want to discover what you can do with upgraded audiovisual systems? Take a look below to learn more about the services and solutions we offer to keep companies at the cutting edge of technology!

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Whether inside or outside a patient’s room, audiovisual solutions can make the often stressful experiences related to healthcare facilities and rehabilitation centers better for everyone. Digital patient whiteboards, responder nurse call systems, digital wayfinding signage, presentation software, unified communications equipment in clinical training rooms, and even digital menus in the cafeteria are just a few of the ways our team can add technology to a facility. 

Gone are the days of managing stacks of illegible paperwork, deciphering outdated directional signs, and light and pull-cord communication setups. Now, adjustments can be handled digitally with a few strokes of a finger or taps of a button, making it possible for all ancillary staff and responders to assist patients more effectively and efficiently, all the time, and with safety in mind. 


Acoustic treatments, room-blanketing sound, high-definition projectors, and projection screens are must-have audiovisual additions in large lecture halls. Videoconferencing equipment adds a new layer of collaboration for students spanning the globe to attend classes. Campus-wide critical communication systems, like Rauland’s Telecenter U that we incorporated at Keller ISD, ensure simple, succinct, and consistent messaging and alerts. 

A Trusted Technology Partner

Designing customized technology solutions, installing superior equipment, and servicing these systems are just a few of the services we handle for businesses like yours. An extensive, well-thought-out system design and top-tier installation are imperative for the success of your state-of-the-art facility, whether you’re handling structured cabling, networking, surveillance cameras, or audiovisual systems. 

Our team walks you through every step of a project, including an initial onsite needs assessment to determine your needs, the scope of the project, and the budget. And we work extensively alongside other stakeholders, including contractors, architects, and interior designers to ensure everything is up to your high standards. 

Elevate Your Facility

Thompson Engineering takes great pride in helping businesses evolve with advanced solutions that help maintain a competitive edge. Connect with our team using this form to start a conversation about your project ideas. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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