Deliver the best possible care, and foster a productive, happy staff environment – a complete communications and workflow nurse call solution.

Reducing the time you have to spend on non-caregiver activity can reduce the interruptions that take you away from delivering that care. Thompson Engineering can automate your processes and documentation, and let you send calls to the right level of response.

Straight-forward connections and customized integrations let you give your patients the most effective care you can. Thompson Engineering’s simple, effective processes help you respond quickly and effectively to critical needs and routine requests.

Prevent missed nursing care by leveraging clinical communications technology that can maintain your competitive edge in a value-based purchasing era.

Healthcare Solutions:

  • Wireless Phones/Integration

    Wireless technology has changed the patient floor for care providers. It has enhanced workflow by facilitating better communicate with the patient as well as other care givers.


  • Pocket Pagers

    Pocket Pagers help your staff work together by providing a secure, reliable, and efficient means of communication.


  • Intercom

    Intercom is an important piece of your senior living communication solution. Intercom solutions must be easy to use for both patients and care-givers.


  • Hand Hygiene Compliance

    Hand Hygiene Compliance is a critical issue in healthcare. Stay on top by deploy a full-scale and comprehensive program to properly train and remind your staff about hand hygiene.


  • Asset Management

    Reduce shrinkage of critical high-value mobile medical assets by capturing real-time location, time/date and motion information about the protected asset and then alerting security when illicit asset tampering or unauthorized asset movement is detected.


  • Real Time Location Services

    Real Time Location Services can streamline your Healthcare facility. With the ability to keep track of every patient and staff member, your security and productivity will skyrocket.


  • Infant Protection Systems

    From the time of delivery to the time of discharge, Thompson Engineering’s solutions help hospitals prevent baby abductions and unintentional baby mismatching in maternity environments.


  • Clocks Systems

    Master/Secondary clock systems ensure your campus is always in sync and on-time. Thompson Engineering has provided and installed master clock systems in many health care facilities over the years.