Discover How Thompson Engineering Handles Your Structured Cabling Needs

From Education to Healthcare, Your Technology Foundation Matters

Structured cabling plays an essential role in healthcare, education, and countless other global industries. It is the foundational component of nearly every aspect of a business’s operations, including communications, safety, asset management, and others.

To ensure your Orange County, CA, facility is running at its utmost potential and is capable of adapting to exponential technological changes for years to come, you need to contact a professional team like Thompson Engineering. We assist commercial facilities with staying connected securely and effectively without interrupting business operations. We’re proud to help businesses build the strong backbone that supports their every endeavor.

Want to learn more about what solutions will require a structured cabling infrastructure design and installation? Keep reading below to discover more for yourself.

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Wired and Wireless Networking

Healthcare and educational facilities create an exorbitant amount of data each and every day, whether it’s patient data, access control data to secured spaces on-site, or streaming confidential videoconferencing meetings with stakeholders. All of this data needs to be secured from potential cyber hackers and data breaches, so having a robust and well-protected network is required. 

Our team can run powerful networking cabling through walls and ceilings in new construction facilities or in extensive remodeling projects. Plus, we’ll ensure your network has the latest security protocols added, so both wired and wireless communications are safe from potential data leaks throughout the facility.

Communications Systems

Mass notifications, intercoms, and paging your team are all primary communication needs for facilities, and our team can ensure all necessary cabling is in place. Adequate network bandwidth and reliable, efficient communication with your staff and visitors are imperative. 

Security Components

From extensive surveillance camera systems in a senior living facility or teaching hospital to infant protection systems in nurseries, the security at your facility is paramount. In new construction building projects, we’ll work with builders and architects to design sophisticated wiring plans that power all necessary security components without being overwhelming to any interior design plans. In remodeling projects, we’ll take care of all necessary pulling of wires with little to no interruption to your daily business operations. We have decades of experience in our field, and we know how valuable it is for businesses like yours to keep running without needing to close for weeks on end or experience downtime! 

Your Structured Cabling Expert in Orange County

If you’re ready to start from the ground up to support every one of your business operations, contact Thompson Engineering today. For this and other services, you can connect with us here to get started.

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