Workflow Solutions

Caregivers can best respond to critical needs with alerts, direct communications and immediate documentation, with the staff most suited to the patient’s need. Measurable results can display reporting that is easy to understand and customize.

Security Systems

We specialize in physical security in conjunction with cameras and door access to provide a complete security solution customized to your facility.

Asset Management

Reduce shrinkage of critical high-value mobile medical assets by capturing real-time location, time/date and motion information about the protected asset and then alerting security when illicit asset tampering or unauthorized asset movement is detected.

Critical Communications

The effectiveness of your school’s emergency response depends on a proactive approach. Thompson Engineering has a variety of options that allows you to take action quickly and confidently in response to many different crisis scenarios.


Audio/Visual technology is one of the most influential and powerful means of communication. Thompson Engineering offers a comprehensive range of A/V services no matter your need.

Fire Alarm/Voice EVAC

Voice Evac Systems are specially designed public address systems, typically used during fire situations, and required by the Life-Safety Code in many types of buildings and installations.

Infant Protection

From the time of delivery to the time of discharge, Thompson Engineering’s solutions help hospitals prevent baby abductions and unintentional baby mismatching in maternity environments.

Engineering Services

Whether you need complete OSHPD services or simply assist your architect, Thompson Engineering is ready to provide the support you need.

Digital Signage

Attract viewers’ attention by communicating targeted messages that are created to inform and educate.